True Name (Mastercard)



Video series and custom units

MasterCard wanted to ensure that the transgender community was aware of the unique benefits that its True Name credit card feature provides.

What we did

Having one of the most engaged audiences for transgender people (CMI, 2020), Q.Digital created a campaign to illustrate how the MasterCard True Name feature solves a transgender/non-binary pain point – paying with a card that does not have their true name – by allowing people to feature their true name on their card.

In 2019, during their World Pride sponsorship campaign with Q.Digital, MasterCard promotes the True Name feature to LGBTQ for the first time.

In June 2020, BMO Harris promotes the launch of the MasterCard True Name feature with a video campaign on Q.Digital sites.

In late 2020, around Transgender Awareness Week, Q.Digital produces the video series “Transcend,” celebrating trans/non-binary success stories to promote the Citi launch of the “True Name” feature.

In June 2021, MasterCard promotes the True Name feature across Q.Digital Pride guides.

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