Out for Good (Nissan)



Queerty “OUT for Good” presented by Nissan

Nissan sought to heavy-up during the LGBTQ awareness period of October with National Coming Out Day, Spirit Day and LGBTQ History Month.

What we did

To help Nissan continue their support of LGBTQ people around the themes of chosen family, birth family, and togetherness, we expanded our annual “Out For Good” editorial series into a full channel of content and a multi-part video series featuring inspiring coming out stories.

The series was expanded into a dynamic 100% SOV Nissan program featuring dozens of LGBTQ influencers profiled in editorial and in a custom 4-part video series. 

To integrate the Nissan brand further, Q.Digital created high impact custom units that brought the Out for Good brand into the Nissan display creative.  Further, Nissan was aligned with other high profile LGBTQ channels like “Ever After,” “LGBTQ History Month,” and “Best of GayCities.” 

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