Oraquick: The Musical



Influencer-driven Broadway-style Music Video

Oraquick sought to increase awareness and uptake of it’s at-home HIV testing kit using a lighthearted, non clinical approach.

What we did

We created a fun approach to communicating what could be a very clinical topic. Queerty produced a show-stopping video inspired by the infamous musical number ‘Telephone Hour’ from ‘Bye Bye Birdie.’ The Queerty parody featured several well-known drag queens , influencers, and actors who sang and danced their way through a comical and informative take on a Broadway classic.

Queerty created a storyline and wrote custom lyrics reimagined into the familiar ‘Telephone Hour’ melody, with the help of Broadway writers and producers. The song lyrics included key themes important to the Oraquick brand that resonated with our audience – sex positivity, dating, hooking up, getting tested regularly, and most importantly, testing at home with Oraquick.

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