Q.Digital relaunches ‘INTO’ for Gen Z, BIPOC members of LGBTQ community

Published on May 04, 2021

As the next generation of LGBTQ people come into their own, they have a new champion and chronicler with the relaunch of INTO – the latest addition to Q.Digital’s arsenal of queer media sites.

Originally launched by Grindr in 2017, INTO is being updated by Q.Digital to focus on the diverse segments of the LGBTQ community who often feel underrepresented in the media, with a special focus on Gen Z – the most BIPOC queer generation in American history.

Through a mix of cultural coverage, first-person essays, news coverage, and interviews, the relaunch will celebrate new voices and unique perspectives. It aims to provide a safe space for young LGBTQ people to feel acknowledged and learn as they move into and advocate for equality in the workplace, business, politics, and culture.

Leading the effort as INTO’s new editor is Henry Giardina, a non-binary trans man who held editorial positions at Bullett Magazine and FourTwoNine and who was most recently a contributor at Them.

“I loved the original INTO and I’m excited to revive the platform. INTO was a place where queer, diverse stories could be told without censorship,” says Giardina. “I’m thrilled I get to introduce the world to a new generation of queer writers and thinkers.”

Last updated in January 2019, INTO will be relaunched by an LGBTQ-led team of editors and designers who will produce an entirely new layout. In addition to Giardina’s work as the new editor, Brinley Ford, who identifies as trans and non-binary, created the site’s colorful new design.

“We look forward to providing the type of content that this unique and diverse generation of LGBTQ members deserves,” says Scott Gatz, CEO of Q.Digital. “The world needs a publication that truly champions this community.”

“Gen Z is the most ethnically and racially diverse generation yet and more Gen-Zers identify as LGBTQ than any other generation before,” Gatz continued. “We’re eager to highlight their wonderful lives and achievements and to continually come up with new ways to do so.”

Explore the new iteration of the site here, and get to know what a new generation of young, diverse, LGBTQ people are into.