Founder & CEO

Scott Gatz is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Q.Digital. Scott is passionate about building compelling digital products for large audiences and has done so throughout his career.

Scott founded GayCities with the hope of changing LGBTQ media for the better. He has led the company through several acquisitions, significant organic growth and created engaging offerings to help brands connect to the LGBTQ media. Today, Q.Digital is a leader in LGBTQ media and its fast growth continues.

Scott is married to his husband of 22 years and has a 6 year old son.

Before founding Q.Digital, Scott let several product teams at Yahoo from 1998-2008. Scott is most known for heading Yahoo’s personalization efforts, including the popular My Yahoo! service. He was responsible for integrating accounts GeoCities, Rocketmail and into Yahoo. He was also General Manager of Yahoo’s search business, moving Yahoo Search from a directory-based model to web search and led the team that negotiated and launched the relationship with Overture, Inktomi and Google. During his final years at Yahoo, he led a product incubation team in Yahoo’s Brickhouse.

Before the internet (yes there was such a time), Scott was a television producer with stints at Reuters, Lifetime, NBC News and Good Morning America.